Can You Do a Root Canal on a Crown?

Can You Do a Root Canal on a Crown?

Jun 01, 2022

When it comes to crowns, they have been termed restoratives in dentistry. They are known to protect the teeth from fracture, damage, and bacterial attacks. A root canal on a crown might sound something unrealistic and unusual to most people, but it’s real. So, the answer to the question: can you do a root canal on a crown – is a big yes!!!

The crown placement is the end step of the root canal process. It is the assurance of protection of the treatment. But it is not always true. In some cases, bacteria can attack or destroy the teeth underneath the crown. In such situations, patients are only left with the reinstallation of the dental cap. Let us discover whether you can have a root canal on a crown or not.

Reasons Why There Is a Need to Have a Root Canal on the Crown?

Benefits of a root canal on the crown:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

  • Crowns are considered as the restrainer for damage. They are protectors but are not that powerful that can guarantee no bacteria attacks. Despite having a crown, there is a strong possibility for cavities and attacks of bacteria.

    After having root canal treatment, if you don’t pay enough attention to your oral hygiene, the tooth under the crown may get infected. So, it is mandatory to take proper care of the tooth where the root canal treatment has been performed.

  • If the First Root Canal Fails

  • Although the root canal treatment has a 99% success rate, it still has room for failure. During the first procedure, if the dentist did not pay enough attention to deep cleaning, they left some bacteria inside. Then after some time, the patient may need to have the root canal again on the crown.

    The crown placement can save the tooth from outside attacks. But if the attack initiates from inside, it can’t protect the tooth from damage. In such a situation, there is a need for a root canal on the crown. These circumstances arise because of careless root canal treatments and are considered a failure of the procedure.

  • Crown is Not Properly Sealed

  • In the first root canal treatment, if the dentist does not seal a crown properly, there are chances for failure. To get the treatment right the second time, one needs to redo it on the existing crown.

What Does Retreatment Involve?

Root canal on crowned teeth is a very tedious job that no dentist can do it. For this treatment, the dentist needs to have adequate skills and experience. He/she must identify the corners of the crown at the early stages from where the problem has started.

The early diagnosis will lead to minimal damage and small amounts of destruction. In some cases, when the harm underneath the crown is massive, the old cap needs to be replaced with the new one.

The process might take a long time. Also, the specialist dentist near you might need to do a thorough inspection before moving ahead with the procedure.

How to Prevent Crowns from Failure?

There are 2-3 primary reasons why people require root canal crowns. The first may be ignorance from the patient’s end by not paying enough attention to cleaning and hygiene.

After having the treatment, people start taking it for granted and think that they have no possibilities for cavities again. But this is not true. If there is poor hygiene, bacteria can attack the underneath teeth.

After having a root canal, make sure to follow all the instructions of the dentist and avoid the damage and need for re-treatment. The second important thing is to choose a specialist professional. Root canal retreatment is required when there is no proper cleaning. It happens at the time of first treatment and a long time difference in placement of an original filling.

During the treatment, there are chances for the formation of bacteria. Thus, pay attention to the small details so that, later on, you don’t need to suffer. Root canal treatment is something that the expert does again if it fails. But the thing is, you should go with a skilled professional like the Vancouver dentist near you at The Art of Smile Dental Clinic for better results.

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