Can You Drink Iced Coffee with Invisalign?

Can You Drink Iced Coffee with Invisalign?

Sep 01, 2022

Invisalign therapy, a revolutionary concept to straighten teeth, was introduced in the late 90s. It helped do away with traditional orthodontic treatments requiring patients to wear metal brackets and wires on their teeth for orthodontic imperfections. Revolutionary because Invisalign soon became a highly sought-after treatment because it had a unique removable feature that allowed patients to proceed through Invisalign treatment without anyone noticing they were correcting their crooked and misaligned teeth.

If your orthodontic imperfections are mild to moderate and you wish to correct them, you can visit the dentist near me to determine your suitability for this unique therapy to straighten teeth. If the dentist confirms your eligibility, rest assured you will become a member of a club of 5 million people that had their teeth straightened faster with Invisalign therapy comfortably.

The Invisalign system doesn’t require you to cut down on the foods and beverages you favour but limits you from having most of them when wearing the aligners for fear of staining and warping them. However, the ease of proceeding with the problem of dental imperfections such as underbites, overbites, open bites, cross bites, crooked teeth and crowding besides gapped teeth can make you wonder whether the plastic braces genuinely allow you to overcome the challenges you confront with your teeth to inquire with the dentist treating you what are the limitations of Invisalign.

How Do You Proceed with Invisalign Treatment?

Before you contemplate getting Invisalign therapy to straighten your teeth, you must schedule an appointment with the dentist in Vancouver downtown to assess the complexity of your situation. During the meeting, the Invisalign provider takes pictures of your teeth and mouth using an intraoral camera for the manufacturers to customize your clear braces. The manufacturer utilizes the images to make a mould of your mouth to custom design your unique aligners that help straighten your teeth.

The downtown Vancouver dentist explains Invisalign therapy stating you must wear the aligners over your teeth for 20 to 22 hours daily, releasing them merely for eating and drinking, permitting you to have simply water when the aligners are over your teeth. In addition, you receive information that changing the existing aligners over your teeth for a new batch the company provides every two weeks is also a requirement.

The removable feature of your treatment is to enable you to have your favourite foods and drinks before returning the aligners to your teeth. Invisalign therapy permits you to remove the aligners from your teeth for approximately two to four hours daily for meal times and maintain appropriate dental hygiene. You can complete the treatment in as little as six months if you confront mild problems with your teeth. The maximum time needed by Invisalign to straighten teeth is approximately 18 months.

Can You Drink Iced Tea and Coffee with Invisalign?

After starting your treatment with Invisalign, you might wonder whether you can drink iced coffee without removing the aligners from your mouth. You might even consider discussing the issue with the Invisalign provider during your next visit to determine your progress and collect your fresh batch of aligners.

The Invisalign provider will happily confirm that you can have iced tea and coffee with the aligners over your teeth because iced beverages will likely not cause any harm to the plastic braces. However, it would help if you didn’t use the freedom you achieved to consider having hot coffee or tea because you might need to order a fresh set of aligners for the damaged ones in your mouth.

Besides allowing you to have iced tea and coffee, the dentist suggests that you ensure you rinse your mouth after having the beverages and also brush your teeth and the aligners immediately after reaching home.

How Do You Cheat on Invisalign?

You commit to undergoing Invisalign therapy because you want to get rid of your crooked teeth to have a beautiful and straight smile. However, if you intend to cheat on Invisalign, you do yourself more harm than any good because besides impacting your smile, your crooked teeth also make you vulnerable to dental infections like tooth decay and gum disease.

Invisalign therapy allows you to achieve freedom from all the problems affecting you while straightening your teeth. You also invest considerably in the orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth as an adult after years of enduring the embarrassment of having imperfect teeth in your mouth.

If you intend to cheat on Invisalign, all you need to do is invest in the aligners and throw them away, realizing that you must pay for the treatment whether you wear the aligners or not. Therefore it helps you and your teeth if you don’t consider cheating on Invisalign but continuing the therapy honestly to achieve your goal faster than Invisalign suggested.

After completing Invisalign therapy, the Vancouver dentist will advise that you must wear retainers over your teeth for around 18 months to prevent them from returning to their original positions. However, as the retainers are also removable, do not consider cheating on them either because you will likely require further treatment at a high cost to correct your orthodontic imperfections all over.

The Art of Smile Dental Clinic Invisalign providers in Vancouver gives you precise instructions on how to proceed with Invisalign treatment if you qualify for therapy. Invisalign provides a comfortable alternative to traditional braces to straighten teeth without becoming noticeable. If you wish to correct orthodontic imperfections with your teeth, you help yourself by scheduling an appointment with the dental clinic to have an artistic smile.

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