Can You Get a Dental Crown Without a Root Canal?

Can You Get a Dental Crown Without a Root Canal?

Jul 01, 2022

Dental crowns are often associated with root canal treatment. After a root canal procedure the tooth is very fragile. The tooth-like caps are placed over the tooth above the gum line. They help strengthen and protect it, enabling the tooth to function properly and appear natural.

However, you can get a crown without a root canal. This happens when the damage to teeth has not affected the inner part of the tooth, known as the dental pulp. Therefore, dental crowns are used in other tooth restoration procedures. Read on to learn about the alternative uses of dental crowns in Vancouver.

Can You Put a Crown on a Cracked Tooth?

Yes, you can put a crown on a cracked tooth. A tooth becomes fragile when it cracks and may break further with continued use. The tooth also causes pain when you bite or chew with it. This may be due to the tooth –nerve damage. In addition, you may start to experience tooth sensitivity because the crack causes some tooth enamel to break off.

Therefore, the dentist in Vancouver Downtown will use a crown on the cracked tooth. The tooth-like cap will protect the tooth from cracking further and enable you to chew or bite comfortably. Lastly, the crown will completely cover the tooth enamel, preventing tooth sensitivity. Once the tooth is restored using a crown, it functions and looks like a natural tooth.

Is There an Alternative To Getting Dental Crowns?

Yes, there is an alternative to getting a crown. If you want to avoid having a crown placed on your tooth, the dentist in Vancouver offers several options. They include:

  1. Porcelain Onlay. This is a popular alternative to a dental crown procedure. It preserves more of the natural tooth’s structure. The porcelain material bonded to your tooth’s enamel is a straightforward procedure. Porcelain Onlays strengthen the enamel and help prevent fractures.

  2. Inlays. They are used to restore the inside parts of damaged teeth. Inlays are used on the teeth, keeping them intact and restoring function.

  3. Indirect resin crowns. These are fantastic alternatives made of resin. They are also known as in-office lab indirect resin crowns because the dentist fabricates them in the office. The other options are created in the dental lab, finished then placed on the same day. Patients love them because they can have their teeth restored within a day.

  4. Extraction. Pulling out a damaged tooth instead of placing a crown on it is also an alternative. However, it is not popular because keeping your natural tooth is the best option.

Alternative Uses of Dental Crowns

Other reasons the dentist in Vancouver might use a crown that do not require a root canal include:

  1. Whitening smiles

  2. Teeth whitening treatments do not eliminate all intrinsic stains. However, the dentist in Vancouver whitens such teeth by covering the deep stains with dental crowns. This expert will customize a crown according to your desired shade of white, improving the appearance of your smile. In addition, dental crowns made of porcelain resist stains. They equip you with a permanent bright smile.

  3. Anchoring dental bridges

  4. Dental crowns anchor the pontic or false teeth in a dental bridge procedure. The teeth adjacent to the gap are fitted with dental crowns.

  5. Strengthening damaged teeth

  6. When you sustain a chipped or cracked tooth, the dentist uses a dental crown to restore it. The crown is placed over your tooth to strengthen it and prevent further damage. A crown can also help strengthen teeth damaged by severe decay or bruxism. The tooth-like cap also covers the damaged tooth to alleviate tooth sensitivity.

  7. After large dental fillings

  8. Dental fillings are tooth-colored materials used to fill cavities in teeth. When you have a big hole, the dentist will use a large filling on the tooth. The dental professional places a dental crown over the filled tooth to reinforce the filling and prevent dislodging.

  9. Aligning teeth

  10. Dental crowns in Vancouver are also used to straighten a smile. When your teeth are slightly misaligned, the dentist will place dental crowns on them. The crown is designed to make the teeth appear straight, correcting bad bites.

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