Filling Dental Cavities: What to Expect With Dental Fillings

Filling Dental Cavities: What to Expect With Dental Fillings

Oct 05, 2022

Our teeth play an important role in our lives. They improve our speech and smile while enabling us to eat solid food. They are also one of the features that stands out when we talk or smile, thus contributing to our facial features. If your teeth were weakened by cavities, one of the best options you have for restoring them is by undergoing a dental filling procedure. This will stop the decay from spreading further and also strengthen your teeth. This article will help you better understand tooth cavity filling and what it entails.

What Is Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are an excellent way to restore damaged teeth. The dental restoration procedure is mainly used for repairing teeth with damaged structures, often due to cavities. Teeth infected with cavities are more prone to damage and have holes that allow more bacteria to enter the tooth.

When the cavity is not removed from the tooth and the holes covered, the damage can spread even further and result in tooth loss. You should see an emergency in Vancouver soon as you start experiencing prolonged dental pain, as this might indicate tooth decay.



A dental examination before dental fillings is necessary as it gives us room to analyze the extent of damage caused by dental caries. We will do a standard assessment but may also take X-rays of the tooth to determine how far the cavities have spread. This process will be simple, fast and non-invasive. The data collected through the examination will help us determine if you are a good candidate for tooth cavity filling.

Removing Decay From the Tooth

We will use local anaesthesia to mitigate pain and discomfort during the operation. However, if you are afraid of needles or have any anxiety related to dental treatment, we may have to sedate you fully.

After numbing the area, we will use special dental tools to split the damaged tooth to access the inner sides of the tooth for cleaning. If we don’t clean all the cavities in the tooth before filling, the bacteria left behind will just keep spreading to surrounding teeth and tissues and might even enter the gums and cause other oral problems.

Adding Filling Material

There are different types of filling materials to choose from. Once we are sure the tooth is clean, we will apply a dental filling material of your choosing to fill the gaps in the tooth. Dental composite, silver, gold, and porcelain are some of the most popular filling materials you can get.

Metal fillings are strong and durable but do not have an aesthetic appeal. If you are more concerned about aesthetics, go with composite resin fillings as they look more natural and are durable with good aftercare.

You won’t experience any pain during treatment since the anaesthesia would still be in your system. However, after treatment is complete, the anaesthesia will wear off. You will thus start experiencing pain, discomfort and increased tooth sensitivity. This is normal and will all go away as the wound heals. We will still give you painkillers to help mitigate the pain and discomfort during the early stages of recovery.


Dental fillings are long-lasting but may be vulnerable to damage depending on the filling material you choose. A good aftercare routine is crucial as it will help your fillings last longer, sometimes surpassing their average lifespan. So ensure you practice good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing and going for regular dental checkups from a dental office near you.

Do your best to avoid taking red wine on a regular basis, as it has been found to reduce the lifespan of dental fillings. If you notice that your filling is loose or damaged, visit an emergency dentist in Vancouver for treatment immediately. Loose fillings may leave room for bacteria to penetrate the tooth and cause infection.


Dental fillings are a good way of restoring your tooth’s functionality and aesthetics. If you notice signs of tooth decay, see an emergency dentist near you as soon as possible. This will make it easier for your dentist to save your tooth before the decay damages it to the extent that it becomes impossible to restore. Visit The Art of Smile Dental Clinic today for the best dental fillings restoration in Vancouver. We have years of experience practising dentistry, so you are guaranteed the best cosmetic results once treatment is complete.

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