Healthy Smiles across the Map: Dental Hygiene Tips for Travelers from the Art of Smile, Vancouver

Healthy Smiles across the Map: Dental Hygiene Tips for Travelers from the Art of Smile, Vancouver

Jun 01, 2023

Maintaining excellent dental hygiene to safeguard your oral health is always essential. However, with the holidays approaching and encouraging you to plan a vacation, you cannot think you can achieve your goal of safeguarding your oral health by merely packing a toothbrush and dental floss.

When travelling, there is more to keeping your mouth and teeth healthy than you imagine. It helps if you collect information on dental hygiene tips for travellers to ensure you do not become a victim of infections after returning from an excellent holiday feeling rejuvenated but confronting challenges with your teeth and mouth.

You must not aim to have a healthy smile around your home, friends, or colleagues. Instead, it helps if you plan to show off your healthy smile across the map because it confirms everyone remembers you as an individual with excellent oral health and beautiful teeth to complement your smile.

Before embarking on your holiday plans, it helps if you follow the dental hygiene tips for travellers mentioned in this article to safeguard you against unexpected dental problems.

Tips for Travelers for Maintaining Excellent Dental Hygiene

Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist Before You Start

Would you like to start your vacation searching for an emergency dentist for an unexpected dental issue at an unknown location? If you don’t, it helps if you schedule an appointment with the dentist near you before leaving as early as possible to have sufficient time with you to schedule a follow-up if the dentist detects trouble brewing in your mouth.

Keeping Dental Tools Clean

When packing, do not slip your toothbrush into your toiletries kit. Ensure that the equipment is clean before you put anything in it. Before packing your bags, clean the toiletries kit thoroughly and also disinfect it. Bacteria breeding on your toothbrush is not the optimal way to start oral or overall health protection by travelling on holiday.

Drying Dental Tools

Ideally, you should not store your brush in a closed environment where it remains wet. The moisture on the toothbrush helps feed bacteria. To prevent bacterial buildup on your brush, you must allow it to dry out before placing it in the case of a toothbrush holder. Occasionally you may have to carry the toothbrush in wet condition. However, you can overcome the challenge by unpacking it for drying in an airy spot soon after arriving at a new destination.

Disposable Tools

When you have a packed itinerary, you can find it challenging to attend to the challenges of drying or cleaning your toothbrush; consider using disposable toothbrushes. Although the quality may differ from the tools you use at home, it frees you from worrying about caring for your toothbrush if you want to avoid turning it into a haven for microbes when travelling.

Toothpaste Is Also Important

Purchasing toothpaste is convenient in any convenience store if you find yourself in a situation with missing toothpaste. However, if you cannot reach a convenience store, don’t let the lack of toothpaste prevent you from brushing your teeth using plain water. Not brushing your teeth without toothpaste is worse than not brushing them at all.

Remain Mindful of Sugary Treats

A vacation is not a reason to spoil yourself by consuming sugary foods you generally avoid. Refrain from considering local sweets and desserts if travelling overseas. You can certainly enjoy some culinary treats but must also take care of your teeth by limiting consumption and chewing sugar-free gum soon after to keep bacteria at a safe distance.

While you can enjoy your holiday by visiting various destinations and consider yourself free from most responsibilities, your teeth will not behave similarly in the poor fellas never take a vacation throughout your life. The bacteria in your mouth work even harder to create dental infections, whether on holiday or fasting.

When considering a vacation after a hectic time at work, you must ensure you don’t confront challenges while on vacation or need emergency dental visits soon after you return. Therefore you must follow the dental hygiene tips for travellers to keep your teeth and mouth in excellent condition even after enjoying yourself.

The dentist in Vancouver from The Art of Smile Dental Clinic requests all patients care for their teeth at home and when travelling. If you plan a vacation, visit them for a dental exam and receive tips for travellers to safeguard your teeth and mouth during your holiday and later.

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