Advanced Dental Technologies at The Art of Smile Dental Clinic, Vancouver

CBCT Dental Imaging & iTero Dental Scanning: Pioneering Precision in Dental Care

At The Art of Smile Dental Clinic in Vancouver, we’re proud to integrate two of the most advanced dental technologies into our practice: Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and the iTero dental scanner. These state-of-the-art tools are revolutionizing dental diagnostics and treatment planning, ensuring that we provide top-notch care to our patients.

CBCT: 3D Imaging for Unmatched Clarity

CBCT technology offers a comprehensive 3D view of your teeth, jaw, and surrounding anatomy, allowing for precise diagnoses and detailed treatment planning. This advanced imaging technique is crucial for a variety of dental procedures, including implants and orthodontics, ensuring high accuracy and patient safety with reduced radiation exposure.

iTero Dental Scanner: Transforming Dental Impressions

At The Art of Smile in Vancouver, BC, we utilize the iTero dental scanner, revolutionizing the dental impressions process. This iTero intraoral scanner offers a precise and comfortable experience, moving away from traditional methods. Our commitment to advanced technology ensures each aspect of your care is detailed and personalized. By integrating iTero dental technology, we ensure your dental visits embody the latest in dental care, making each treatment tailored and efficient.

Why Choose The Art of Smile for Advanced Dental Care?

  • Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities: With CBCT and iTero technologies, we offer a level of diagnostic detail that surpasses conventional methods.

  • Patient Comfort and Safety: Our commitment to using advanced technologies like CBCT and iTero is driven by their ability to improve patient experiences and outcomes while ensuring safety.

  • Precision in Treatment: The accuracy of CBCT and iTero scanning enables us to plan and execute dental treatments with exceptional precision, leading to better results.

What’s Next for Teeth X-Rays?

At The Art of Smile Dental Clinic, we’re excited about the possibilities these technologies bring to our patients. By combining our dental expertise with CBCT and iTero scanners, we’re setting new standards in dental care.

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