Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Vancouver, BC

Our dentists at The Art Of Smile Dental Clinic have many options for improving the appearance of your teeth if you don’t like how they look. One of the quickest, least expensive options is dental bonding. Dental bonding uses dental cement to accomplish many techniques for changing the appearance of teeth.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding, which is also known as tooth bonding in Vancouver, BC, uses a composite resin to repair teeth or to change their appearance. If you have a chip or crack in your tooth, then a composite resin can repair the flaw, helping to renew your tooth’s appearance.

Tooth bonding can also lengthen a tooth or close the gap between two teeth. In many cases, once the composite resin is dry, it is difficult to distinguish the tooth from a natural one because our dentists can choose a shade of resin that matches closely to the color of your teeth.

How do Dentists Bond Teeth?

Before the composite resin goes on your teeth, the enamel of your teeth needs to be slightly scored to allow the resin to stick to it. Our dentists at The Art Of Smile Dental Clinic accomplish this feat by roughening the surface of your teeth with a mildly acidic solution. Then, a liquid is applied that allows the resin to stick to teeth.

After it is ready, our dentists near you in Vancouver, BC uses the composite resin to reshape or repair your teeth. Once it is in place, one of the dentists uses ultraviolet or blue light to harden the resin. This procedure is virtually pain-free, so it usually doesn’t require the use of sedation to make patients comfortable.

Gluing Dental Pieces in Place

Our dentists have several types of dental adhesives to choose from to bond dental pieces like crowns or bridges in place or to repair cracks or chips on teeth. The type of bonding that a dentist does helps determine which adhesive our dentists at The Art Of Smile Dental Clinic use on a patient’s teeth.

Along with being easy and painless, tooth bonding is an inexpensive option for improving how your teeth look. Our practice strives to be the best dentistry in Vancouver, BC by offering services like dental bonding to improve the appearance of teeth.

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