Dental Night Guards

What types of mouth guards do we make?
•    Custom-fit night mouth guards
•    Custom-fit sports protection mouth guards

Do you grind your teeth at night?
Grinding can damage your teeth and greatly affect your mouth while you sleep without you even knowing it. Grinding can also lead to headache, facial pain, or pain in your jaw. If you suffer from any of these issues, dental night guards might be the perfect solution for you.

What is the difference between off-the-shelf and custom-fitted mouth guards or sport guards?
Over the counter products are the one-size fits all solution that are found at your local drug stores or sport stores, but they do not offer ultimate protection or comfort. We do not recommend the use of off-the-shelf mouth guards for regular use. Custom-Fitted mouth guards are individually fitted and offer better dental protection. Our dentists can custom-fit your dental guard in our offices. Once the mouth guard is designed (off-site), adjustments can be made during your dental appointment to ensure a perfect fit for your mouth.

Are dental night guards comfortable?
Many of our clients have been using dental night guards for decades.  We make sure mouth guards are comfortable, durable, and do not restrict breathing or speech. Our dentists will custom fit the mouth guard to your teeth and mouth shape for maximum comfort and a perfect fit!

We offer mouth guard fittings at our dental clinic in Downtown Vancouver (Coal Harbour). Call today to get your dental guard.