Dental emergencies

If you are experiencing sudden & abnormal mouth or tooth pain, call us and get treatment immediately. Tooth or mouth pain can cause immense suffering if left untreated. We will do our best to get you in without delay. Most of the times we can offer same-day dental appointments for all dental emergencies.

When should you go to the hospital for a dental problem?

Left untreated, a dental emergency can quickly go from bad to worse. If you are experiencing immense tooth pain (tooth ache) and cannot get to The Art of Smile Dental Clinic in Downtown Vancouver or Surrey, we advise going to the hospital immediately.

What can you take for temporary relief of tooth pain?

If you need pain relief before you can get help, here are some of our tooth pain relief suggestions:

  • Analgesics including aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen can be quite effective in reducing pain and  Inflammation of your teeth and or mouth.
  • Oil of Clove (with Eugenol) can help relieve pain – Place a drop on a cotton ball and then place it on the affected area.
  • Over-the-counter medications that are topical can numb the sensation.
  • Ask your pharmacist to recommend some topical remedies with benzocaine or choline salicylate to put directly on your gums or teeth.

How do you prevent dental emergencies from happening?
Getting regular dental checkups every 6 months will help prevent a dental emergency from happening.

Contact us immediately at our Surrey Guildford or Downtown Vancouver Dental Clinic if you need emergency dental care.