Widom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Vancouver, BC

Your wisdom teeth, which are technically your third molars, often appear in early adulthood. Not everyone develops wisdom teeth and not everyone needs wisdom teeth removal. In fact, if these molars emerge from the gums without pain or disruption to your other teeth, they can remain intact as they are. However, if you require wisdom teeth extraction in Vancouver, BC, our dentists near you will perform this routine procedure. Call our professional staff members at The Art of Smile Dental Clinic for an appointment to see if wisdom teeth extraction is right for you.

Why Wisdom Teeth Can Be Problematic

Wisdom teeth can be problematic for several reasons, such as if there is not enough room for them to emerge, if they disrupt other teeth in the mouth, or if they are impacted and cannot emerge from the gum tissue at all. If your wisdom teeth don’t properly emerge from the gum tissue, they can cause oral health issues such as tooth decay, infection, crowding, and even damage to other teeth.

In addition, if a wisdom tooth is impacted, a cyst may form that can harm the tooth roots and jawbone supporting nearby teeth in the mouth. This puts a patient at risk for tooth loss. Therefore, extracting impacted wisdom teeth is advisable for overall oral health.

When Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Professional removal of wisdom teeth is necessary if a patient is experiencing pain, infection, cysts or tumors, gum disease, or tooth decay. Extraction of these molars is also necessary if they cause damage to other teeth in the mouth. Finally, your wisdom teeth may need to be removed as part of orthodontic or other oral health treatment.

Wisdom teeth extraction is typically a routine procedure performed by our dentists in Vancouver, BC. Our team at The Art of Smile Dental Clinic will assess the development and position of your wisdom teeth to determine if they require removal. Your overall oral health and wellness are important to our staff, which is why we provide procedures to extract your wisdom teeth if necessary. Call today to make an appointment!

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